Art Camps. 
     Our 5-day art camp is designed to encourage artistic expression through a wide variety of creative experiences. During the Camp  we will explore art and nature, pop art, mixed media, and comic strip art, create board games(a students' favorite) and polymer clay creations. Kids will receive their own art kit to take home to continue their artistic expression upon completion of art camp. 

Be the Artist- Join a creative session for all ages and discover your inner artist! Drop in and create your own masterpiece on canvas. Choose from several of our classes, or feel free to create anything your heart desires. Bring your favorite beverages, snacks, and friends get ready to enjoy the relaxing experience of painting. Even if you have never held a paintbrush before in your life, you will wpppop

Live Event Painting, a unique way to capture all aspects of your special events. Luxury event artist will come to your wedding, church service,  bat-mitzvah, fundraiser,  special event and creates a work of art on sight. Arrives with a blank canvas, and paints the party room and decorations before your guest arrive. As the party unfolds, the painting comes to life. While you and your guest dance and create memories, I capture them in the painting. Live Event Painting is a unique way to capture all aspects of your special event. Art Camp After school/Monthly Art Classes  & Home-school Classes, all supplies included

Palette to Palate Fellow art enthusiast will learn to create a different 16x20 inch painting during each Palette to Palate session. Professional artist will guide you through step-by-step instructions, that teaches guests how to create works of art while enjoying horderves. Once completing your artwork, you will be able to indulge in some of the finest cuisine that Huntsville has to offer. Class includes all supplies, and the 5 course meal by our world renowned Chef Will of Chef Will the Palate. Tickets must be purchased in advance. Chillax Vinyl Art Party  Performance, Culinary, and Visual Artistic experience By Denise Onwere Gallery and DJ Father Freedom This Chillax Vinyl Art Party offers a genre-bending sound that stays true to youthful influences while expanding artistic boundaries. DJ Father Freedom’s varied funk, hip-hop, soul, jazz, and rock element's vinyl collection employs reflection of the eclectic Flymo/Lowe Mill

community and provides a unique experience for all party goers. The Denise Onwere Gallery takes the mind through a creative experience that will fulfill and inspire your mental muscles as we paint on vinyl records. Snacks provided by Chef Will the Palate. THIS PARTY IS RATED PG-13