Denise Onwere Gallery @ Lowe Mill

Denise Onwere Gallery Art Camps. 

     Our 5-day art camp is designed to encourage artistic expression through a wide variety of creative experiences. During the Camp  we will explore art and nature, pop art, mixed media, and comic strip art, create board games(a students favorite) and polymer clay creations. Kids will receive their own art kit to take home to continue their artistic expression upon completion of art camp.

Spring March 11-15

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Ages: 6 to 16

Class Times: 9am to 1pm
Cost: $245/per week per session - includes all supplies, plus a mini art kit to keep.

or $75 per day session.

(256) 322-0184

About Camps

Recycled Art Camp

Denise Onwere Gallery Recycled Art Camp Create sculpture—installations, wearable, and decorative While some are studying and creating from nature, others feature re-imagining everyday objects for new uses. During recycled art camp for kids we will be using wire, paper maché, recycled objects and more to make three-dimensional eco-friendly art pieces, creating a three-dimensional critter from everyday stuff. All supplies Included. Ages 7-16 9 am – 1 pm (Monday – Friday) $225uly  per week long session

Pop Art Camp

Children will discover that art can really POP in this cool gallery summer art camp. Young artist will begin by creating their own Popular culture Art Self Portraits in the style of Andy Warhol, create 3-D Venetian masks to celebrate Mardi Gras, discover cubism as they make Picasso abstract portraits, dabble in print making , and develop a comic series in the style of Lichtenstein. Students will learn about color design, line, texture, variety, balance and emphasis in this awesome  1/2 day art camp.
Mediums: Painting, Drawing, Print making and Sculpture

Illustration Art Camp 

Illustration is the art of making ideas visible. Our camps cover a wide range of applications encompassing digital media, painting,  interactive illustration and more. We offer a multitude of  traditional and modern tools that empower our campers to choose the most appropriate medium to bring their ideas to life.